About Access3D

Our mission:

Mostly free

We strive to provide free devices and shipping for those who need it.


We rely on our network of 3D-printing and design volunteers.

Assistive tech

We make low-cost assistive tech accessible for people in need.

Access3D is an Australian community-driven initiative seeking to improve the quality of life for people living with disabilities. We rely on our volunteer network of 3D-printer experts to manufacture simple assistive technologies like cutlery grips, writing aids, and replacement buttons for mobility devices. We strive to 3D-print and ship these devices to anyone in genuine need of them for free (within Australia).

Access3D was created by Bryce Cronin in 2022 in response to the rising costs and import delays affecting assistive technologies in Australia. He has been designing free 3D-printable accessibility devices since 2020 and was inspired by successful overseas volunteer-run initiatives MakersMakingChange.com and TheControllerProject.com.

For more information about Access3D, please view our FAQ.

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